Extension Request Policy

A learner will be afforded a maximum of three extension requests on their entire learnership. Should you exceed the three requests, a fee of R150 per extension request (one per assignment) will be implemented thereafter. Please ensure that you submit your extension requests on - line. You need to submit one (1) request per assignment, in other words if you have two (2) assignments that you require an extension for, two (2) separate requests need to be submitted on the LMS.

We will contact you telephonically or via sms to confirm the extension request. Should you not receive any feedback from us within 24 hours, please contact us to verify receipt of your request. Please do not re-submit your on-line request unless instructed to do so by a Cornerstone representative.

Your assignment will be available on the LMS for two days from the date your extension request was granted, not more then this. Should you feel that this is insufficient time to complete your assignment we will require an email from your coach providing valid reasons.

Should you exceed your three requests, kindly complete the extension request application form, and fax / email it back to us with a proof of payment attached.

Please note that technical problems will not be considered as a valid excuse for a request, should you reach your maximum number of extensions. It is your responsiblity to ensure that you submit your assignment before the due date to eliminate any technical problems you may be experiencing.