Success in the new Banking: Cornerstone's IBanker

Question 1: How do I register on the LMS?

You received an LMS insert in your Orientation module at the launch, explaining the process. Should you still be unsure contact the Cornerstone Help Desk for assistance.

Question 2: I am unsure of my assignment timelines and training dates?

Your training dates and assignment due dates are detailed on the Assignment Timelines under the Announcement section on the LMS.

Question 3: I am not able to attend / missed the training. How do I receive my manual?

You will need to make an arrangement with your Learnership Manager, alternatively if you have a work colleague that is attending the training, ask them to collect a workbook for you.

Question 4: I have misplaced / lost my workbook, what do I do now?

You will need to purchase a new one at a cost of R200 for a manual and / or R50 for a cd. This will be delivered to your Learnership manager, who you will need to make arrangements with to collect.

Question 5: How do I know who my coach is?
Your learnership manager will be able to assist you with this.

Question 6: How does the Workplace Skills Report (WSR) proces work?
You and your coach need to complete the Hard copy of the WSR together. Your final feedback that your coach signs off, is what is required to go onto the LMS. You will receive feedback from our assessors on the LMS. Please ensure that you send us the hardcopy of your WSR for verification purposes, ensuring that your coaches detail is accurate and their signature visible. If you are found NYC you will need to repeat the above process.

Question 7: How do I get access to my assignment if I missed my due date:

A maximum of 3 extensions will granted on the Learning Programme, provided that you have a valid reason. You will need to submit your extension via the "Extension Request" function under the "Contact Us" menu item. Cornerstone will contact you within 24 - 48 hours confirming whether or not the extension request has been granted.

Question 8: I have submitted an extension request on-line and have not received any communication from Cornerstone?

Cornerstone will send out an sms within 24 hours of receiving your extension request.  Should you not receive confirmation within this time kindly contact Cornerstone and we will assist you. Do not resubmit the request on-line unless instructed to do so by a Cornerstone representative. Please read our extension request policy under the Resources Section, as this details the time granted for extensions and other queries you might have around extension requests.

Question 9: I submitted my re-submission request on-line and have not received feedback from a Cornerstone Representative?

Please do not request an assignment re-submission on-line. You need to printout the re-submission application form and fax it through to Cornerstone, along with your proof of payment. A Cornerstone representative will either sms or contact you within 24 hours informing you of the approval of your application. For further information on the Re-Submission process please refer to the policy under Resources section. The application form is available under this section as well.

Question 10: How much time do I have to complete my re-submissions after I was found not yet competent?

All assignment resubmissions must be submitted within one month of the original assignment due date. Please refer to your Orientation Assessment manual received at the launch.

Question 11: I am not always satisfied with the marking of my free-text assignments. Who can I escalate this to?
Our assessors strive to assist you as best they can. If you are unhappy with the response or mark received from the assessor, please ask your coach to provide specific details of the situation (date, time, assignment & question, recipient, etc.) in an email to Cornerstone and it will be investigated as soon as possible. Your coach can email the concerns to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Question 12: When will my Free Text assignment be marked and the results released?

Your assignment results will be released 10 working days from the due date for both Level 4 and Level 5 Learnerships.

Question 13: How do I find out where the next training session is taking place?
Please contact your regional learning centre before the training to confirm your venue. You can also call Cornerstone on 011 781 3485.

Question 14: We need more time for the training. Why is only 1 day allocated per programme?
TDF's are determined by your employer and are held over 1-day due to reasons relating to resources and availability. Use the TDF to gain an overview of the course. Self-study plays a big role in this learnership. However your input / concerns in this regard might be considered by your employer and worthwhile communicating to them.

Question 15: Why am I not receiving any communication from Cornerstone?
Weekly sms reminders are sent out to all learners and if you are registered on a learnership you should be receiving these smses. The reason why you are not receiving smses from us might be because your cell phone number has changed since the start of the learnership, or we might have captured your number incorrectly. Please contact us and let us know, we will ensure that your details are updated.

Question 16: When are the announcements updated?
Announcements are updated on a monthly basis. Please note that if an announcement pertains to an assignment, the announcement will not be removed until all learners are competent on that assignment.

Question 17: When can I contact the Cornerstone call centre?
Our assessors and learner support agents are available during office hours (8:00am - 16:30) from Monday to Friday. We are not available on weekends or on public holidays.

Question 18: What communication methods are available to contact Cornerstone?

Cornerstone representatives are available telephonically, via email, and via an online chat room. Telephonic queries will be directed to the Learner Support Consultant allocated to your learnership. Emails are sent to a central inbox, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and directed to the relevant consultant accordingly. The Live chat room will immediately direct your query to a consultant based on the category that you selected.

Question 19: What is Cornerstone able to assist with and when should I direct my queries to my employer?

Cornerstone is able to assist you with queries directly relating to your Qualification, in other words assessment related queries and LMS queries. Any other queries should be directed to your coach, or Learnership manager, in other words queries around your leave, salary, bonuses, venue and training.

Question 20: LMS downtime

Please contact us should the LMS be unavailable. Should you encounter problems over a weekend which Cornerstone is unaware of we will handle your query on Monday.

Question 21: I am competent on my assignments but would like to improve my results how do I go about this?

Our requirement as a training provider is to provide a competent learner to SETA and SAQA and do not cater for improving of results.

Question 22: What do I do if the LMS notifies me that I have entered an incorrect password or userid?

Make sure that you type your details correctly. Remember that they are case-sensitive. If the problem persists, contact our Call Centre on 011 781 3485.

Question 23: I submitted certain assignments but the report that my manager has received from Cornerstone reflects ND (No Data).

There are two possible reasons. The first is that there is a 24 hour delay between when the reporting data is retrieved and the time that the report is sent back to your coach / learner manager. If your coach is uncertain he / she can view the details of your results under their LMS profile to get the most up to date results.

The second reason could be that you haven’t selected the Submit button, and saved the assignment, if it is a free text question.

Question 24: There is no ‘SUBMIT’ button on my free text assignment.

Make sure you have answered ALL of the questions in the assignment and then click on the SAVE button. Only once all questions have been completed, will the SUBMIT button appear. You need to select the submit option and save again, in order for the assignment to be sent through for marking

Question 25: How do I know if my assignment has been submitted successfully?

After an assignment has been successfully submitted you will see the words in red “Your questionnaire has been successfully submitted.” If this wording does not appear, you can double check under "Assessments submitted for marking".

Question 26: How do I write numerical symbols when my PC does not have those functions?

Write the symbols out in words

Question 27: I have exhausted ALL my attempts on an assignment.

Our re-submission application will need to be completed and faxed through to Cornerstone, along with proof of payment for the assignment re-submission. The application form can be found under the resources section from the top menu bar.